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About us

  • 2018-05-13

  • Purity Team

    We are a team consists of 1 member who has enough knowledge about silkroad and various programming/media skills. We have been working on this project for over 1 year to reach a new experience and provide our loyal players a higher level of entrainment and team based gameplay. Apparenting all the known limits that silkroad developers suffering from them, We have added completely new stuff into our project based on our Hypired Emulator and Client Extension without losing the old feeling of silkroad but just to satisfy our players with a new hype, long term server, new experience and a lot more.




    Server Stats

      • GameServer : Online
      • Players Online : 0/ 3000
      • Supporter Online : 0 / 6

    Server Info

      • Cap: 110
      • Degree: 11
      • Race:CH & EUR
      • Type: PVE
      • EXP: 80x
      • Party EXP: 100x
      • Drop Items: 3x
      • Drop Gold: 2x
      • Auto Events: Working
      • Max Plus: 14 Without Advance

    Server Time

        Time : :

        Fortress : Friday 19:30

        FW Reg: Every Day

        CTF: :

        Arena: :

    Fortress War

        Jangan : dummy
        Bandit : dummy
        Hotan : dummy

    Last 10 Unique Kills